Clear Cities is our goal, our mission and our project

To clean the air of pollution is to save lives. The technology is available now and inexpensive. This project will help realize its use, globally and with confidence.

Clear Cities are attainable throught nanotechnological advances and the use of inert and safe materials in combination with normal daylight. Photocatalysis is a mechanical phenomenon that was discovered in the 1970s but not until the first decade of the new millenium has it achieved practical application strength and Technical Readiness Level for global deployment.

The team behind this project is expanding upon this technology to provide accurate measurement and qualification levels that will enable the widespread acceptance and confidence of Photocatalytic Coating Applications or "PCA".

Photocatalysis on steroids



The Clear Cities Project aims to normalize the use of 2nd generation photocatalysts to effectively clean urban environments of harmful pollution through qualification and dissemination.


Leading scientists, inventors and researchers from the Czech Academy of Science and the Nanotechnology industry.


TRL is here. Time to use it in programs across the EU to lower pollution effectively and economically. 

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